Enterprise Treat Day

What a treat filled dayAfter all their hard work with the ‘Grow a pound’ challenge the Year 5 children decided their treats would begin with a morning at the Lido. 

After all that swimming we were ready for lunch, and what a treat we had in store, fish fingers, sausages, burgers, all rounded off with a healthy portion of …….chips!! Well it was a fun day out.

Not quite satisfied with just a main course we headed to Kaspas for a well deserved pudding. Well, we had done all that swimming.

 All Year 5 had an amazing day. They each had their own budget and had to work out what they could afford as well as being responsible for looking after their money. The remaining money will go to a local charity, as yet to be decided. We have all learnt that working hard brings its own rewards. Well done Year 5 for being a fantastic bunch of children who really embraced the challenge. You did ssoooooooo well, we are all proud of you.


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