Monthly Archives: March 2017

A Very Busy Week!

This week has been a very busy week in school. We have had art week, where the children have created their own glyph using the research done as homework as inspiration. We learnt about different types of glyphs and their meanings. After creating their own glyph the image needed to be transferred onto a tile using a compass to create dots and then printed onto paper. As we used two colours the printing needed to be done twice. 

On Tuesday afternoon Year 5 walked to the Ladies College to see an amazing science show called ‘Gases in the air’.They had a brilliant time, and hopefully learnt a lot too!
Wedndeday was sponsored gallop day, and what a lovely sunny morning we had, the weather was perfect. The children enjoyed running around the course. The favourite part was the water jump where water was thrown at the children as they ran through.

Finally Friday the hall was festooned with amazing art from across the school. With a theme of modern and ancient civilisations the whole school showed what incredible artists St James children are. We all hope you enjoyed it.