Monthly Archives: February 2017

Friday 10th Febuary

We had great fun this morning at the Samba Reggae workshop, learning different rhythms and beats.

We learnt, Boom  reggae – boom reggae – boom reggae, boom reggae its Samba raggae. A new rhythm – I like to eat baked beans and chips. The children played really well at the end of today’s walk, well done to them all as they had just an hours lesson to prepare.

This terms Value was Perseverence and the class voted for Elisabeth and Tara for showing most Perseverence this term.

On Tuesday we ran our house cross country competition, The fastest runners in the class were, for the girls Tara and the boys Daniel. Overall house winner was Fire, well done to all members of Fire.

Finally the walk this afternoon to celebrate the end of Natalia’s walk around Britian, what an amazing thing to have completed. We are all thinking of her, her amazing achievement and of course the reason behind it. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

Have a lovely, restful holiday.


Class 11 Assembly

What a fab assembly Class 11 put on yesterday. All their own ideas, especially the dance which was just the start of our Maya assembly adventure. Well done to all of Class 11 who worked really hard over the last couple of days. Miss Peace and myself are really proud of you. A special mention to Miss Peace who was consume maker and didn’t realise her creative talents. I am really proud of each and everyone one of you Class 11, you did an amazing job. Who knows there may be further performances to come…

Apologies to all parents as in the mayhem of the morning I forgot to ask for an official photographer, but I have a couple of photos of rehearsal for you as a reminder.

Have a lovely weekend all, Mrs Collins