Monthly Archives: January 2017

Mask making morning

Well it’s all go in Year 5, following on from our Maya day last week today we each made our own individual masks.

With the help of parents, we couldn’t have done it without you, we firstly covered our faces in wet paper towels.  

After that the children carefully put strips of mod roc over the paper towels making a mask that was the identical shape to the child’s features.

Finally we gently removed the masks to allow them to dry, and all this before play!

Now we are ready to design our very own Maya mask.

A big thank you shout out from Year 5 teachers to all the parents who made everything go so well this morning, we hope you enjoyed the fun and now you know how to plaster your children at home!!


More Maya Day

During a fun packed and very informative day we learnt that the Maya people were a bit of a blood thirsty lot. They had five different ways to sacrifice people, drowning, being buried alive, decapitated, having your heart ripped out and burnt (whilst you were still alive) and finally if you were a prisoner you could opt to be chased and spears thrown at you!! Which would you choose?

A sign of beauty was for the ladies to colour their teeth red and if you were important you had jade drilled into your teeth and then they were sharpened to a point! A sign of beauty was to be cross eyed and to have an elongated head. Ask the children how this was achieved…

We also learnt the creation story, Maya style, where Mrs Hughes and myself took on the roles of Gods, only to be expected, in our own dramatic retelling of the story. 
We learnt that Mayan is a dying language so to keep it alive we can now count to ten in Mayan.


We hope you enjoyed the day, ready for mask making on Monday.